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Get access to job seeker tips and resources to make your job searching journey a little bit easier.

Whether you’re new to the job market or looking for a career change, landing the right job can be a tough journey. To help you present your best self to employers and make your job searching journey a little bit easier, we’ve created a series of free job search resources to help you meet your career goals, including:

Resume templates

Stand out from the crowd with a polished resume template in an easy-to-edit Microsoft Word document.


Download Resume Template

Cover letter templates

First impressions matter. Learn to write a cover letter that shows your personality and enthusiasm for the role, and demonstrates your value to the employer.


Download Cover Letter Template

Elevator pitch templates

Capture the attention of a prospective employer with a compelling, well-crafted elevator pitch.


Download Elevator Pitch Template

Daily planner

Put your best foot forward by getting organised and motivated using this planner.


Download Daily Planner

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